Monday, 20 April 2015


1. singapore youth culture 

we chose having friends + living in high rised estates in the category of folks as singapore youths spend most of their time with their friends/at home. (most of us live in flats.) we chose chilli crab and junk food in the category of food as youths nowadays either eat traditional food or western food. we chose the ndp and different races' celebrations in the category as singapore celebrates oir imdependence date every year and as youths, we celebrate all kinds of races' festivals all year round. as for fashion, we either wear uniforms to school or basic wear out. all in all, we think that singapore is very bicultural.

2. taiwan youth culture

for taiwan's food, we think that they eat traditional chinese goods such as dimsum and steamboat, for festival, we think that they celebrate chinese festivals like chinese new year and qing mind festival and they put up floating lanterns in tradition. as for folks, we think that the taiwanese believe in the buddhas and they go to temples to pray very often. for fashion, the youths wear normal wear to school and some teenagers wear japanese-like blouses. all in all, we think that taiwan is very traditional.

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