Sunday, 17 May 2015

3 questions about what we want to know in taiwan.

-what is the average salary per month of a typical taiwanese working man?
-why doesnt taiwan want to lead a higher cost of living that could improve their quality of life?
-how much of tax does a taiwanese need to pay for about a year?

-are clothes there cheaper than singapore?
-how much are the school fees for a year?
-how much is a plate of chicken rice?

- is food sold there cheaper than Singapore?
- what is the price of a bubble tea there?
- is the school fees there cheaper than in Singapore?

-What is the cause of the difference of the rate of Taiwanese going to Taiwan culture museums from the rate of Singaporeans going to Singapore culture museums?
-What is the cause of Singapore's tight competitiveness while maintaining a high standard of education while Taiwan's pace of education is slower than Singapore and much more relaxed, but they still can remain a higher standard of education?
-Why are Taiwanese much more hospitable and open than Singaporeans?

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