[Taiwan Reflection]

Day 1

We arrived in Kaohsiung very late at night so we had debrief in the bus and then headed for the Ten Drums Culture Village. I took quite a long time to prepare for sleep because I had to bath and all and then turned it when it was around 3 am.

Day 2

We had breakfast in the Ten Drums Culture Village. I ate kailan and pork with a kind of vegetable unbeknownst to me. I actually thought that the vegetable wasn't very nice and did not want to try it and eat the pork only but I did not want to waste food for my first meal in the first day at the Ten Drums Culture Village because it would create a bad impression too for the people around me who are strangers to see me wasting food and the hotel staff were there so there was a chance of a chef being there, thus throwing the food away would be very rude. Thus, I just gobbled down the vegetables and it actually turned out to be delicious. I actually went to toilet later on and got lost halfway, I spotted a hotel staff and wanted to ask where the toilet was but I was actually hesitating whether to ask her, but the kind hotel staff actually noticed us, somehow read our minds and told us where the toilet was. In the cubicle, there was actually a horizontal pool with water and small fishes and plants to swim from cubicle to cubicle. I thought it was actually very creative for Taiwanese to come up with these kinds of ideas and this also spoke to me about their love for nature and thinking out of the box, which is very rare to be seen in Singapore. This kind of creativity cannot be seen in Singapore toilets. On the bus to the Mei Nong Hakka Culture Museum, the bus driver actually told us that Taiwanese prioritize recycling. They recycle the leftover food by feeding the leftover food to pigs. This also shows their thoughtfulness. Even though many countries know of global warming, only a few countries would step up and take action to prevent global warming and Taiwan is not all talk, but they initiate actions to be made. Going to the 3 museums for me was hard as I was the photographer and I had to stop at every point in time to take pictures of the various displays and hardly had time to listen attentively to the speaker, this was my main regret through the trip in Taiwan personally, but I did manage to catch a few points at what the tour guide was speaking about.We then went to the Mei Nong Folk Village to eat Hakka dishes for lunch. My mouth was actually watering when I saw the Hakka Lei Cha there and desperately wanted to try eating that but it was quite sad that we went to the stall opposite it to eat instead. I was actually surprised that we went to 2 Hakka Culture Museums. What we learnt actually overlapped but I think that this was a great chance for me to catch up to what I didn't hear at the Mei Nong Hakka Culture Museum, and understand more at the Kaohsiung Hakka Culture Museum where the information was re-interpreted but in a different way too. I was actually surprised at the exterior design of the garden at the Kaohsiung Hakka Culture Museum, a classmate asked what did the statues in the garden meant and the tour guide explained that the swan was to catch thieves, the duck represented filial piety, the chicken meant for generations to be passed down, the book meant for them to be studious, the cow was meant for working in the farm. This explained a lot to me about the Hakkas. They each strived to achieve the best, whether it is in character or academics. The number of Culture Museums also speaked alot to us and one of us asked the tour guide why there were so many museums in Taiwan. The tour guide explained that it was because Taiwan is desperately trying to preserve their culture for the future generations. This trend of preserving their culture through museums is also shown in Singapore as Singapore opens up many museums for free during special times, trying to attract many Singaporeans to go there to observe and learn about past traditions and culture. We then went to Kaohsiung Museum Of History and learnt that this museum was actually converted from being a government building to a museum. The information in the museum is very child like and short not like the other museums which made me very interested to read on because it was all short and the tour guide actually spoke much more than the information actually showed which made me listen more to the tour guide than take pictures of the many information. I remembered that the tour guide would say about how this building is covered in green so as to not let the Japan kamikaze bomb this very important government building. I thought that this decision was actually a very smart choice. They made the exterior very unnoticeable but the interior very classy and glorious as it was adorned with white and gold colours. We then went to the supermarket to complete our task. I think our group actually played around more than we actually did the worksheet. This was actually a very fun experience as when I went on a school trip in my primary school, they did not allow us to freely run around the whole place all we wanted and have a meeting time but instead they thoroughly guide us through the whole thing even when we are doing group tasks which ended up very boring indeed. So, I thought that this was a very fun experience to be with your friends and running around the whole supermarket while doing a task. We did manage to complete it and have fun at the same time. I noticed that Taiwanese supermarket signs are very hard to read for us as they are only in traditional chinese and our group basically relied on instinct to find the items we were finding. There were also very friendly staff that would tell us where the item we were finding stationed at. Then, I bought quail eggs and then followed the group to buy what they wanted after that, and then met at Starbucks for the meeting time. After that we went to the Liu He Night Market where I dragged my roommate to the end of the night market to search for the famous Zheng's Papaya Milk since we just had our dinner and we were both full so we just wanted to get something to quench our thirst. The Papaya Milk queue was long but it was indeed very fulfilling when we got our drinks. The Papaya Milk was indeed one of a kind and was very delicious. Thus, even though we only bought the Papaya Milk and didn't buy anything else, we were already satisfied.

Day 3
We are leaving the Ten Drums Culture Village today, and we'll be going off to stay in the hotel in Douliu, Metro Hotel. Before leaving, we experienced drum lessons and had a tour in the Culture Village. The lesson was really enriching and getting to experience playing the drums was fun. After that, we went to the souvenir shop before watching the performance. The performance was really exciting especially when the performers played the drums on water, and the amount of hard work and practice to give us this performance was really visible. All of us really respected them as playing the drums was indeed difficult during the drum lessons.We went to three different monuments that day : the Anping Fort, Eternal Golden Castle and Chihkan Tower. The free time we had when it was raining to tour the monuments were really fun. We posed for pictures with the canon while holding the umbrella and got our shoes stuck with mud. It wasn't something that I would have experienced it Singapore. The rich history and monuments Taiwan preserved really shocked us all.

Day 4
We went to Sacred Hearts High School for the first time today. Sacred Hearts High School performed for us their school's Wushu, Choir, Band , etc. We, in return, also performed for them the dance that we had practiced for a few weeks before the trip. After that, we split into our different groups and our group went to had history lessons in 高一特休班. The notes given to us were in Traditional Chinese, so we awkwardly asked the seniors what some of the words meant. The lesson was free and easy, letting us do up a poster and then a presentation, because the standards of the lesson were lowered by a knot to make it easy for us to understand and to participate in. I was actually quite surprised at how the teachers and students interacted with ease, joking around and freely expressing their own opinions. After this, we went to the soy sauce factory. We were quite upset because it was not hands on activities and because we did not make pineapple tarts too, because the pineapple tarts we ate on the first day were very delicious. In the evening, we rushed to the hotel and had little time to bath and clean up, thus most of us ended up not drying our hair after bathing and went to have dinner with our buddies and their parents. Once we were seated, 刘秘书 noticed that our hairs were quite wet and asked if we wanted to dry our hair. We did not want to trouble him but he went out of the way and got a hairdryer for us, just to dry our hair. We were really grateful for his hospitality. As for my buddy, her parents did not come because she is a hostel student, but the teachers sitting at our table were really nice to us and took very good care of us too. We had a fulfilling dinner that night.

Day 5
We went to Yunlin Towel Cafe that morning to do DIY. I was actually a little disappointed because I thought that this DIY was our own towel design but in reality it was just arranging the cat, but overall I had fun looking at the cute towel characters. These kind of shops are rare in Singapore - one which showcases creativity and fun at the same time. I spent most of my money buying the towels there as they were too irresistible. My mother also commented that those were good gifts to gift to my friends and family as this was attractive but also useful. We also went to Yunlin Puppet Theatre Museum to watch a puppet show. I thought that it was just going to be a ordinary puppet show but the puppet master really surprised us because it was a combination of traditional and modern puppet show, and it also had a very good motive behind the story which was very interesting for children to watch. The puppet master was also very friendly and we got to see what was in the backstage too as well as play with the other puppets. After that we returned to our hotel with packaged dinner. I couldn't finish it because I was too full though. We went to watch a musical put up by Sacred Hearts High School students. This musical was something like our school's Revel Fest - one which they perform their talents. The songs were relatively good for the ears and also interesting. They also showcased their creativity by doing music with ladders and their bodies.

Day 6
Today is the last day we would be in Sacred Hearts High School. We did lessons like balloon sculpting, FCE lessons, math and physics lessons. The highlight of the day was when we went out with our buddies. The time spent was very little but we accomplished a lot. I thought that it would be very awkward when we got to know my buddy's parents but our conversations were surprisingly light hearted and fun. They really treat us very well and always put our needs first before theirs. Firstly, we went to buy the very famous bubble tea in Taiwan then we bought the bean curd with peanuts which my buddy and her parents often visit. Then we went to the amusement park with my buddy's mother. Next, we went to the amusement park, the best were the G5 and the haunted house. Then we went to the Shilin Night Market, where we played Pachinko, Darts and also ate their smelly tofu and pancakes.

Day 7
It's the last day in Taiwan sadly. We will be going back to Singapore after visiting the 921 Earthquake Museum. It was really an interesting experience as I did not get to experience the feeling of an earthquake but they had preserved a small structure of the earthquake which was actually quite interesting but also reminded me of the many who died and suffered. So, I am really thankful for being able to stay in Singapore which is free from natural disasters.


Taiwan people share the same Chinese traditional festivals with the people in Chinese mainland. Besides, due to the differences of regions and historical background, Taiwan has its own characteristic feast days like Restoration Day and Goddess Mazu's Birthday. And most Gaoshan people inhabit in Taiwan, so the festivals belonging to this minority group are also one part of the local highlights. 

The most popular Taiwan festivals are :

1.Chinese New Year

-Chinese months are reckoned by the lunar calendar, with each month beginning on the darkest day. 
-New Year festivities traditionally start on the first day of the month and continue until the fifteenth, when the moon is brightest.

2. Lantern Festival

-Held on the first full-moon night of the lunar year
-The Lantern Festival is commonly regarded as one of the most important and romantic festivals in Taiwan. 
-The festival is celebrated with lantern making, lantern riddle games, and displays of glittering decorative lanterns. 
-Also known as 'the Little New Year'

3. Dragon Boat Festival

 -The Dragon Boat Festival is a commemoration of the patriotic scholar, poet, and statesman Cyu Yuan (circa. 340 – 277 B.C.), who lived during in the Warring States Period of ancient China. 
-At the time of the Dragon Boat Festival, the most common customs are holding dragon boat races and eating glutinous rice dumplings called zongzi. Legend has it that when the poet Qu Yuan jumped to his death in the Miluo River, the local people rowed their boats to and fro in search of him. Later, this practice slowly evolved into the dragon boat races. Today, dragon boat races are a popular activity in Taiwan and abroad, and many local areas in Taiwan hold their own races. Every year, there is also an international dragon boat race with competing teams from Taiwan and abroad.

4. Zhongyuan Festival

-The seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is Ghost Month. Traditionally, it starts from dawn on the first day of the month, when the gates of the netherworld open, and ends on the 29th day of the month, when the gates close. During the festivities of the month, which reach a peak on the 15th day, people hold rituals to solicit salvation from disaster and misfortune.

5. Mid-Autumn Festival

-The Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Moon Festival, is the holiday with the most romantic atmosphere. Because this holiday occurs during the autumn, when the harvest season is over, people in earlier days chose this day to make offerings and thank the gods for the bountiful harvest. The celebration has become a time for families to get together. The most familiar myth concerning this festival is that Chang-e flying to the moon after secretly drinking her husband's elixir of life. Aside from this, there are also tales of the Jade Rabbit and of "Wu Gangchopping down the cassia tree."


I think that the Merlion is the best monument to represent Singapore. After all, the Merlion represents one of Singapore's richest history when Sang Nila Utama found Singapore, and thus how the name of our country 'Singapore' came about. Its name combines "mer" meaning the sea and "lion". The fish body represents Singapore's origin as a fishing village when it was called Temasek, which means "sea town" in Javanese. The lion head represents Singapore's original name—Singapura—meaning "lion city" or "kota singa". It is not number 1 in tourist rankings but I think its the best monument as it is able to let tourists understand how Singapore came about as a lion city and also learn how out country's name came about. 

[Golden Age Of Tang Dynasty and Reflection On Mr Lee Kuan Yew]

 Tang Taizhong (Li Shimin) ruled Tang Dynasty China from 626 AD to 649 AD, a long and stable Reign Period.
The Taizhong Emperor was both an able Politician and an intelligent and experienced Military Leader, due to the education received from his father and his own personal achievements. The Reign could also make use of the 1st Legal Code in China, compiled in 624 AD. During the Reign of Taizhong connections within the Empire had been re-established and the State pacified, providing for a booming in trade and the economy. As a result immediately the population began to grow and expand.
The Reign of Emperor Tang Taizhong is considered to be the First Golden Age of the long and glorious Tang Dynasty Era.
The Taizong Era of the Tang Dynasty saw the Kingdom of the Koreans subjugated and made a Tributary State to Chinese Rule.
In and around 630 AD the Tang began a lengthy military campaign against the Turkic Nomadic Tribes of the West. Conquering strategic lands Lost after the fall of the Han Dynasty, the Tang expanded Chinese Borders to the West starting with the Ordos Desert (a western part of the Gobi Desert in current day Ningxia and Inner-Mongolia AR), then reconquering the Taklamakan Desert and the Tarim River Basin, and subsequently establishing Tang Dynasty Military Power and Borders to Lake Balkhash in current day Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan. The Tang Military expeditions along the Silk Road path reached even further West, with military campaigns attacking and conquering the City of Ashkhabad (in current day Turkmenistan) on the Silk Road and the shores of the Caspian Sea.

The Western Conquests, by re-opening what would later be dubbed the Silk Road, brought a flourishing of international trade further extending the Post War economic boom. Influx of great wealth acquired through the Silk Road enabled the Tang Dynasty Court at Chang An and nobility throughout the Empire to spend widely on luxury items. Grand Palaces were built for important clans while Arts and Culture in a time of peace.

Singapore is at a time of golden age too, improving from a first world country to a third world country in 50 years, compared to America which took150 years to modernize. This shows the golden age of Singapore as it is able to become rich and prosperous in many aspects under the reign of late Mr Lee Kuan Yew. Mr Lee has shown great leadership skills when he made unpopular but necessary and beneficial implementations that would help the country grow. He did not care about his popularity on Internet sites and was a man of principle and integrity. It is indeed a great loss for Singapore.


I am deeply regretful that I did not bring my cid file and I would remember to bring my cid folder next time by going to the locker after physical education and remember and put it in my reminders in my phone so as to not forget. Since the locker is near the canteens it will not be an excuse to forget to bring my CID folder from the locker. I would never ever forget to bring my CID file already by putting it under my table after taking it from my locker.

[Sentiments and Feelings]

 The SIP began in 1994 as a bilateral project for Singapore to share industrialisation experiences with China and was backed by former Singapore prime minister Lee Kuan Yew and late Strongman Deng Xiaoping.The park occupies a 288 sq km area in eastern Suzhou, about a third of Singapore’s size. 80 sq km belongs to the China-Singapore cooperation zone. Singapore initially held a 65 per cent stake in the China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Group (CSSD), with the rest by China. Singapore subsequently cut its stake to 35 per cent to incentivise the local government to support the SIP. Its stake in CSSD is now 28 per cent. As it improves itself to cope with new challenges, the Suzhou Industrial Park becomes the 2nd best industrial park in China.

I'm very saddened to hear that Singapore's founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew has passed away recently. I respect him a lot because he built a country with nothing, from scratch. He was not corrupted like other countries, and was very committed to the well-being of Singapore. How did he build Singapore from scratch? Is the one question almost everyone would ask. I believe that one of the answers were that he built up relations with other countries and started up trade businesses from imports and even exports. He also input projects like the Suzhou Industrial Park, which helped Singapore's economic growth. He was challenged with many problems, and he learnt from it and improved it like what he did to Suzhou Industrial Park. That's what I like about Mr Lee. I'm going to end it with a quote from Mr Lee which I think resonates deeply with me, the most. "At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life."

[CID Individual Presentation]

I think I did pretty badly for my presentation. I was actually trembling badly when I was holding my phone and I blanked out. I couldn't remember what I memorized and I kept looking at my phone to find what content I stopped at. This restricted my hand movement, thus failing to bring out hand gestures to louden or soften my voice or emphasize on something. I think I was too soft but I did try to be louder and I think it was the loudest I could bring out to push my voice to the audience. The impact of my speech was just there, I guess. Our first half of the class made some impactful speeches just that they brought their scripts up which mostly shows lack of preparation. The second half was worse as even though they have a full week to prepare more than the first half, some still brought their script up and most could not express their opinions properly and thus making it very boring. Only a handful could make a impactful speech and are able to express themselves properly which makes the speech more interesting.

[Group 5 Presentation]

I think that Group 5's presentation was fluent and very out-of-the-box thinking. Did anybody in our class thought of it as a dancing pole to help you exercise, no. They were the only group that could fully entertain us by "dancing around the pole" without being shy. Though they did laugh a lot and they should control their laughter more because people would think that they look like they do not have enough preparation and lack practice, but they entertained us the most and made us want to listen more to them to listen for any more entertainment from the group.

[China's Economic Growth]

China stands at the head of the economic class of the original BRIC countries, which also include Brazil, Russia and India.After sustaining decades of annual GDP growth exceeding 10 percent, China overtook Japan in 2010 to become the world’s second largest economy behind the U.S. As long as China maintains its torrid pace of GDP growth relative to the world’s leading developed country economies, it will quickly close in on the top spot.

Singapore would be able to buy cheap goods from China, and can re-export those goods for more money. China also provides cheap and more labor for Singapore citizens, thus businesses can earn more money, but if China's economy drops, the global economy will be affected negatively too. 

[Dwindling Population In Singapore ~ Singapore 20 years down the road]

Yes, Singapore faces a similar issue.

I think that the likely cause could be that as Singapore is a fast paced and stressful country, people in Singapore concentrates on working to make enough money to survive, some not having the money to be able to take care of another person, thus deciding not to marry or have kids.

In 20 years, we would be 34 and maybe living in another place as Singapore as small country because Singapore as a small country maybe cannot accompany so many people, thus Singapore should also raise higher flats. Extra care should be taken to help the aging population like increasing the number of old folks gathering places like a daycare so that youngsters are able to go to work and put their parents in a safe place and ensure that they can talk with plenty of other people. Road safety should also be ensured as the aging population would sometimes not see cars that are speeding. In my opinion, the roads should be made smaller so that cars would not speed and there should be an increased number of cameras to catch those who dash red lights,speed or takeover other cars. There should also be home safety measures to ensure that the elderly does not fall over slippery toilets, thus putting a handle there for the elderly to hold and not slip.

[Poverty In Singapore]

The picture above is an elderly woman collecting cardboard from a shopping center to sell as recyclables. Begging has been cut down in Singapore because begging is illegal, under the island-nation’s Destitute Persons Act, carrying a fine of up to $3,000 or imprisonment for up to two years for repeat offenders. More of people, mostly the elderly rummage through trash bins to look for empty aluminium drink cans, clears dishes laboriously in a food centre or cleans the premises of a building, disable people trying to sell tissues to people in the food centre and outside the train station, and looking for cardboard in trash bins or anywhere else. These acts are common if people are observant enough. Every country has people that lives in poverty, its just whether people are observant enough. Singapore may ban begging and label it as illegal but there will always be poverty out there and people trying to look for ways to make end meets. Most of them being elderly. It pains me seeing that people who go through years of dedication and hard work have to put their bodies through physical and mental stress to try to make end meets to even live in this society. 


Source 1

 "Even though Singapore is a high-income country and the richest country in the world, our poverty rate is as high as one of the poorest countries in the world, and significantly higher than other middle-income countries like China, Thailand and Vietnam." 

From this source it can be seen that even though a country has a high-income there is much more people that would live in poverty because they cannot keep up with the change of pace in the more harsh and hectic work life.

Source 2.

"I had earlier posted about the PRC man begging (updates below). Curiously, the day after, I met an old lady selling tissue paper outside POMO. I spoke to her at length. She was reluctant to share her personal info but I managed to glean out some. She was going to turn 82 soon. She claimed that both her children didn't give her much hence her need to come out to sell things. She sounded scared to share details even after I assured her of our help because she seemed fearful of her daughter who she claimed had locked her out before. She later said that she was in not too bad a state and only came out to sell occasionally. She also added that she was selling to help someone."

From this source it can be seen that more elderly people go around begging because their children would not help them. Its very saddening as parents who bring up their children so painstakingly, gets abandoned by their children when they are old, even to the point of getting rid of their parents. This is indeed quite common and my heart sinks to see that the elderly is even afraid of her own daughter. I personally think that this should not be happening in such a intellectual society and we should show more gratitude towards our peers and family.

[Jeslyn's Holiday]

December Holiday - I went to Sabah for my December Holiday as a family trip, Sabah is an eastern part of Malaysia which takes about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia. I took the bus to Kuala Lumpur before going on the flight the next day to Sabah. The Sabah trip was about 6 days.

Day 1 - Sabah , Kota Kinabalu

We alighted from our plane and went to the apartment hotel called Marine Court. The first day was nothing special, just swimming and going to a fancy Chinese seafood restaurant to have our meal. The meal was too much for us though, we ended up having much leftovers. We also went to the playground haha. There was that swing that I never been on for so long I felt so happy.

Day 2 - Sabah , Kota Kinabalu

[Morning] We went to Fook Yuen to eat. It was quite hard to locate the area though. We had to go rounds with the GPS making fun of us. Lesson learnt : the GPS is not fully reliable. We heard our 2nd uncle stories about his studies in Sabah when he was in University. Like the many things he did which was sleeping in the airport and eating at Fook Yuen most of the time. I ate the economical rice at Fook Yuen because there was a huge display of the stall and there was no sight of any other food to eat. After our meal did our 2nd uncle then say they were actually famous for their toasts as I actually said I did not quite fancy the economical rice and dim sum there. We actually face palmed as most of us ate the economical rice and he told us that information last minute.

[Afternoon] Most of us had to crawl back to bed because almost half of our whole family of 18 people were sick. Mostly children. Haha we had flu , cough and fever people all around. I guess I was one of them to pass it ~ I feel guilty haha I had the flu like days back before I came to Sabah.

[Night] We went to see Sutera Harbour Resort ( It was very very expensive so we didn't stay there ) it was those OMG ITS SO PRETTY kind of hotel. I really fell in love with the sight there. It's located along the sea so there's a entrance to a small beach. The swimming pool was absolutely love. The hotel design was absolutely love too.

While the poor sick people had to stay at home , we went to eat durian! Yes, Sabah is famous for durian too especially the durian D24. Most of the whole day was stuffing myself with durian. We ate Durian Bombs (Like Sesame Balls) Durian Popiah , Durian Pancakes , Durian Ice Blended and the Durian Ice Cream :D.

Day 3 - Sabah , Going to Mount Kinabalu

We finally departed to see the famous Mount Kinabalu, said to be the highest mountain in SouthEast Asia. It was indeed a long trip and I had to listen to the famous chanting of the children's " Are we there yet?" Now I know how irritating I was asking that question millions of time to my parents. -smiles evily- We stopped a few times to buy stuff and sightsee.

[Upside down house of Borneo] It was not worth it. Really. Seeing upside down things are not lovely. Boring. As I may call it. But it's just my opinion. I don't really know what others think. The adults loved it though. Keep taking pictures and call it fascinating.

The air there was indeed cold. It was annoying how they stopped every time I managed to just fall asleep though. I couldn't sleep the whole trip because of this. The road was shaky and they got the bumps everywhere which made me fly up my seat. I saw plantations around the mountain. It was a regret that we could not get to go to see the tea plantations Sabah is famous for. Finally , we arrived at our destination soon - the Kota Kinabalu Pine Resort. It was BIG like seriously. The hotel I didn't expect was actually little houses for family's of 4 or 5. We had to get 6 rooms and I had to live with my mum and aunt ( what a shame we kids couldn't have a room of our own ) I was bored the whole time and managed to sleep after rolling like for I don't know how long and checking my phone for stories

Day 4 - Sabah , Mount Kinabalu

[Morning and Afternoon] We went to Poring Hot Spring ! It's not really a hot spring seriously. I was UTTERLY disappointed at the sight of the taps on the hot spring. The hot spring was just a small one to put your leg in ( WHAT?! u call this a hot spring ,  people???) So we went to have the canopy walk haha. My cousins were scared of heights so they practically screamed all the way walking. It was fun watching them scream while I just shake the bridge. I'm mean haha. My mum was caught using the camera so she had to pay 5 ringgit LOL. The guard eyes are just too good ( she used it secretly )  I found it funny because I saw it coming haha.  I soaked in the closed hot tub and then jumped into the rock pool ( it was freezing ice water and I almost jumped out after jumping in like a shocked cat ) We went to the war memorial after that. The landscape was nice but the buildings had many cracks and stuff. It was scary in a sense.

We went to the desa cattle farm there. It was utterly smelly and shocking. We saw the cows getting milked and I somehow just felt disgusted at the sight that the "shepherd" who kept hitting the cows to get them to stand in line and treated them forcefully they don't even bathe the cows. They were very very very dirty. You could see those black spots so clearly. When they milk the cows, I don't know what it is because of maybe they put the pipe thing too hard into the cow, it milked out blood. Blood! I almost puked. But the milk I bought was delicious though. I'm a food person haha. I got to feed milk to the baby cows and goats. They were smelly yes. The cow sucked that bottle so hard it almost broke. I was scared of feeding it later. Rough cows they got there.

[Evening] We went to the sea and played. And got scolded for not looking after the smaller cousins. It got me frustrated because we could not even go near the sea because the smaller children would follow us and the adults would scold us for being a bad role model of course. ( that logic -sigh- why can't they just hold their kids and let my cousin and I go near the sea to play? ) I would like to say no intelligence and we are not even their mums or dads. Their parents were just happily chatting down there and of course busy scolding us. We couldn't even write some words on the wet sand near the sea because the sand is too fine on the upper part. Frustrated.

[Night] Big Shock ! The adults claim that they are out of cash because they only accept cash and no credit cards in Sabah HAHAHAHA. I was face palming hard because we still went to a hotel restaurant, called The Cottage to eat. So they asked us to buy something cheap. The adults said we could either get a cheap meal for ourselves or share an expensive meal. I got the cheapest stuff and ate happily but my cousin ( I guess because he was immature ) went to argue with his mom and dad to get the steak which was like x3 my meal and didn't want to share apparently.So his parents gave up and just let him do the way he wants. My aunt and uncle loves their children and spoils them too much I guess. If I ever did that, my mum would beat the crap out of me. Haha. So he couldn't finish his meal and got scolded x2 but he still felt no regret or guilt or both. -shrugs- kids...sigh. I guess I was like that when I was young. Bad habits for youngsters who are treated so well.

Day 5 - Sabah , Mount Kinabalu

[Morning] We had a buffet :D then we went to go see the rafflesia! Yes, the real rafflesia. Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles. We had to climb down stairs of super slippery muddy stuff ( one wrong step and ur dead by the way ) I almost slipped lol I didn't jinx it I hope. The railings were so unstable and you could see like there's a hole deep down ( it's scary seriously ) but it was a fun experience haha. We got to wash our super muddy shoes at the very clean mountainous water with leaves. That was the best experience I ever had wow. 

We went to the world heritage park after. It's just walking and seeing flowers and just saying wow.

[Afternoon] We went to the Lok Kawi Wild Life Park. The trip was nice at the park because of the animal show when a person volunteered to go on stage and touch the snake. Turns out he was scared of it and he jumped into the pool after that. Wow. But who would seriously volunteer if they were scared. It was too easy to guess he was an actor. But that was funny I guess. Enough to entertain. We got onto our van and went to the city after that.

[Night] We ate something but I forgot what is it.

Day 6 - Sabah , Kota Kinabalu

I was sick. Terribly sick. Throwed up and all. We went to sightsee but I had no mood of course.

 My mum scolded me for being a party pooper and I was like " I can't help it can I ?". We went to the wetland reserve after. There was nothing to see for me. I couldn't walk straight so I had to rest at the entrance. It was terribly hot because there was no air conditioner. I swallowed some antibiotics though. Felt better soon.

We went shopping after. My grandfather got lost so we had to search for him rounds after rounds at the car pack because we couldn't find our van and they had to search for it but we ended up searching for our grandfather more.

=Time For Plane=

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